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Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings Smooch Wedding Rings

Looking for Wedding Rings? Look at Smooch.  We offer the best in home selection service; we’ll bring hundreds of samples to your home for a free, no-obligation, consultation.  We offer a lifetime guarantee and free gifts for your bridesmaids and best man even if you don’t buy from us.


Statement from Smooch HQ:

From June 1st we will be offering our wedding ring advisor services whilst following COVID19 rules as follows:

We will now be rescheduling previously arranged customer appointments from the waiting list and booking new client home visits from 1st June 2020

We will be offering 1 appointment during the daytime and 1 appointment during the evening. This will also give us time to sanitise the kit and samples in between appointments.

Initial SMOOCH Rings ZOOM meets will still offered and available in addition and prior to your home visit as convenient

Mask, gloves and hand sanitiser will be available for each couple and we will ask to wash our hands on entry to your home and leaving the property, we will also be maintaining social distance measures

If for any reason Government advice changes before we are due to visit, we will be in touch to update plans.

We will ask if you or your family have had any Covid related symptoms in the last 14 days then we will mutually rearrange your appointment.

Our 20 year Anniversary offer is available to all couples purchasing 2 rings, the less expensive ring will be 50 percent off original price !

 If you would like to book an appointment get in touch by filling in this form:

t: 01895 825900

Facebook Head Office: SmoochRings1
Facebook Merseyside: smoochmerseyside
Facebook Cheshire: smoochcheshire

Instagram: smoochweddingringsmerseyside