Joseph Massie Flowers

Joseph Massie Flowers Joseph Massie Flowers Joseph Massie Flowers Joseph Massie Flowers Joseph Massie Flowers

Joseph Massie Flowers is an appointment only flower studio that specialises in creating breath taking floral stylings for weddings, celebrations, private events and corporate clients.

Based in the heart of Liverpool, UK, yet travelling nationwide on a regular basis, it is our life’s work to capture the most immaculate moments of nature and share them with the world. Our floral compositions are often described as wild, poetic even, yet contemporary and vocal. Nothing saddens us more than flowers presented without personality.

We’re about using blossoms and buds, branches and blooms to express our client’s vision, supported and embellished with a little of our own. We’re a mix of floristry traditions and heritage and craftsmanship … complemented with a healthy dose of contemporary vision.

We’re about poetry and personality and presence. We’re flecks of gold leaf etched onto heart shaped leaves. We’re about handfuls of miniature lichen branches. We’re about bold, blowsy things.

You’ll find us listening to and working with brides to compose the most personal and professional of bridal bouquets. You’ll find us walking fields and fells to track down just the right type of fallen branch for a corporate installation. You’ll find us executing numerous exquisite events across the country some weekends, with care and consideration given to each bloom.

We’re about people, and purpose, and flowers.

Really, really beautiful flowers.

Studio 1
Brookfield Business Centre
Brookfield Drive
L9 7AS

t: 07985 201874
Facebook: josephmassieflowers
Instagram: @josephmassieflowers