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Jaine Briscoe-Price is a visual story-teller; she brings things to life by combining creativity with a knack for understanding what is needed to make the perfect shot. We’ve worked with Jaine for over 10 years now and her style of photography always blows us away so when we knew we were doing a Bohmenian shoot, we knew she would be perfect for it and would ‘get’ exactly what we were after …. and oh boy did she deliver!

Jaine had us throwing leaves in the air, wafting smoke bombs around and her knowledge of lighting made it look like a dark art as she could see photographs that we couldn’t and the end result left us totally mesmorised.

In between shots, we had a chat with Jaine about her style of photography and to get an idea of the person behind the camera:

Describe your style of photography? 

Fun and spontaneous, I love capturing the moments when no-one thinks anyone is looking. I love covering all the elements of the day but you do have a relaxed structure to the day to make sure everything is covered, especially rounding everyone up for those tricky group shots.

What do you consider to be the most important photograph of the wedding day?

Great question!  So many… but I guess THAT ONE LOOK between the couple – no matter at what part of the day… the one that makes your heart sing…

Which celebrity wedding would you love to cover? 

Gosh! You know… there isn’t one… as I prefer “real people” who are genuinely having fun –  definitely not a Kardashian anyway!

What do you love most about your job?

The variety… no two couples are the same .. no two weddings either which is why I love it when couples book an engagement shoot so I can get to know them first and build a personal rapport with them which means we are like old friends on the wedding day, couple tend to be more relaxed with me and that’s when I tend to get ‘that one look’ photo!

What do you think is more important when picking a wedding photographer – the photographer’s style or photographers’ personality?

Both are equally relevant – you won’t get great images without the connection … a great connection doesn’t always mean fabulous photographs which it is so important to choose your photographer wisely.

For a newly engaged couple, talk us through the process of finding the right photographer?

I hear … “we don’t know where to start” so often! Choosing the right personality, preferred style and within a budget is hard!

So many couples say they don’t want to know the photographer is there but a collection of strong photographs that look relaxed and work as a complete story takes years of practice – which is luckily what I’ve had.

The  understanding of light and composition combined with timing, keeping everyone relaxed, ensuring the day flows and remaining unflappable is a skill. So many people think if you have a good SLR digital camera than you are a photographer but there is so much more to it than that.

I would recommend looking at whole collections of weddings, not just the best pictures on Instagram. Flip through albums and see if you wish that was your day or if you feel you were at that wedding. Meet with the photographer, ideally in person but zoom can work in these strange times. Talk about your hopes (and any reservations) and most important – invest wisely! Your dress is super important right now but once you have walked back down the aisle, you will just want to celebrate, meet with guests and enjoy your wedding day – its the album that will stay with you for you to look at for years to come.

Images from the Bohemian photo shoot at Thornton Manor:

Photography: Jaine Briscoe-Price Photography
Dress: Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Studio
Venue Styling and Flowers: Aubyn Designs
Hair and Make-up: Sisterhood Liverpool
Cake: Boutique Bakery
Stationery: Stationery Queen
Model: Kayleigh Hayes

Other images from Jaine’s portfolio, including Lifestyle and Memories location shoots, Country Photography and Boudoir all of which includes Pets and make the perfect present:


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