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Jaw dropping, decadent displays is what you get with Aubyn Designs as she is a visual creator. Aubyn’s vision is all about creating a total experience for you and your guests and her passion for artifical flowers raises the bar in the venue dressing world and has changed attitudes – do not underestimate the beauty of articial flowers!

Specialising in lavish, decadent flower arrangements using high grade silk flowers to create bold and beautiful statements – totally bespoke for you and your wedding day. From elegant and timeless creations to show-stopping drama with an abundance of colour and flowers, Aubyn’s centrepieces and venue decor have a sense of opulence, elegance and luxury.

Aubyn is down to earth and so lovely to work with. She is constantly thinking up ideas and trying new styles to ensure her designs are unique and fresh.

We spent a lovely day talking to Aubyn at last month’s photo shoot at Thornton Manor and what came across the most was just how much loves her job …

You gave up your teaching job to set up Aubyn Designs, what was the main decision for taking this leap?

I was an English and Head of Media teacher for many years. I started working with silk flowers as a hobby really, doing flowers and weddings for friends and family. I just realised I had a talent for it. I’m very artistic and design led but my drawing skills are shocking. Working with flowers is the only time I feel like a true artist. Creating shapes, combining colours and adding my own style to pieces.
Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?
When I started with silk flowers, they still didn’t have a great reputation. That’s clearly changed now, but back then, there were no examples of beautiful arrangements using beautiful silks. So I started copying work that was being done using fresh flowers using professional florist skills and transferring it to my silks. So my inspiration comes from copious amounts of research especially from London and abroad. But I also source the best silk flowers I can and I`m really proud of the ones I find. So a lot of the time I will see the flowers and envisage the arrangement they could make.
What is your favourite flowers to work with?
Definitely artificial wildflowers. Wow. The ones I`ve been sourcing are amazing. I don`t have a heavily structured style of arrangement I do. I like the more natural flowing arrangements or `freeform` and the wildflowers I use look amazing and natural and really suit my style as do lilac flowers, and garden vine roses. Take these and combine them with lots and lots and lots of greenery looks so realistic. 
What do I love about my job?
Two things definitely.
I love being a part of my clients`day. It`s an honour to be trusted to take their ideas and run with them using my style. A lot of my clients come to me not just because I work with silks but because I use the freeform natural style. I absolutely love the reaction I get when I create a look that makes the couple and their guests go `wow`. That’s just the best feeling ever.
Second is working with silks. I have a great foundation to work on. Let’s be honest, there are still some shocking artificial flowers out there but part of my job and pride is the amount of research I do and visits I make, to source the absolute best I can. I`ve actually had people go to walk past my stand at wedding fayres saying they want artificial, not fresh, such a huge compliment.
Why is your choice of silk florist so important?
A professional silk florist is more important I think than most realise. No you don’t have to keep the flowers alive or keep them hydrated through the day, but silks have their own quirks that a pro will know about. Things like knowing how to finish stems off on a bouquet so there are no wedding dress snags.This is just one of the things you pay more for. I pride myself on using actual floristry skills even though I use faux flowers. Like a good fresh flower florist, I design for my clients, I make sure the size and shape of the bridal bouquet suits the Bride for example. The flowers are one of the main focal points of the day. They set the colour tone, the scene, the atmosphere and appear in all the pictures for many years to come. So choosing a pro silk florist is paramount. 
Talk a couple through the process of booking with Aubyn Designs?
Most clients come to me with at least a colour scheme and perhaps a look they want created. And usually lots of pinterest pics which is great. 
I will chat to them about the venue and find out a little about them then send either a moodboard or sometimes I will put together an example centrepiece for them as sometimes there isn’t a picture of what I can make for them. I think two things here are really important. Knowing the venue means as the florist, I know what will work, what height a room can take, or what shade of green will work with things like dark wood panelling in a room. It’s not just the look on the day but how the flowers will look in the photographs.
The other really important thing to know is about the couple and their personalities, their likes, dislikes. I aim to create something that is customised to them and not a copy of anyone else’s day. Once they are happy with the look, they pay a deposit and the remainder a month before.
The most important question; why choose faux flowers
Because they’re amazing!
I spend a lot of time sourcing the absolute best I can. I have a lot of pride in the quality of flowers I find.
There are so many benefits:
They last for years.
Your Bridal bouquet can be kept for years to come.
They make everlasting keepsake gifts to guests.
They are cost effective.
They have a low carbon footprint.
They won’t wilt on your day.
Any flower is always in season.
Great for allergy sufferers.
They can look so realistic if chosen well.
And if you need scent, then I add scented candles.
Aubyn is open for business but 2021 is looking very busy so get in touch with Aubyn as soon as you can to arrange an initial Zoom meeting or to arrange to meet face-to-face:
Facebook – Aubyn Designs
Instagram – @aubyndesigns
Email –
Suppliers involved in the above BoHo Bride photo shoot were:
Venue Dressing and Bouquet: Aubyn Designs
Photography: Jaine Briscoe-Price Photography
Venue: Thornton Manor
Dress: Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Studio
Hair and Make-up: Sisterhood Liverpool and Sisterhood Bridal
Cake: Boutique Bakery
Stationery: Stationery Queen
Model: Kayleigh Hayes
Organisers: Bliss Wedding Shows
More examples of Aubyn’s beautiful designs:

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