Behind the scenes with Cristiana from Dressology

If you are looking for a wedding dress with a difference, then look no further than Dressology by Cristiana. Cristiana opened her shop last year after struggling to find her perfect wedding dress and has put together a beautiful and very striking collection of wedding dresses for brides who know exactly what look they want. We had a chat with the person behind Dressology, Cristiana so find out why Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis and Sandra Bullock get a mention!

What is your favourite wedding dress designer?
My favourite wedding dress designer is Rara Avis
If you were getting married this weekend, what colour would your bridesmaids be wearing?
I would love gold or sky blue for my bridesmaids. 
What is your favourite style of wedding dress (it doesn’t have to be the current style)?
I love catwalk pieces, something fashion forward. I don’t believe in any restrictions of how a wedding dress should look like.
As long as it’s spectacular! 
If you were getting married this weekend, what venue would you pick?

If I would get married this weekend, I would choose Santorini. If that was in uk, I would love to get married at The Tipis at Riley Green or Peckforton Castle.

(The Tipis at Riley Green are exhibiting at The North West Wedding Show 26/27 September 2020). 

If you had to spend lockdown with a famous person, who would it be – past or present?
I would love to spend time with Jennifer Hudson as we would be singing all day long.
Who would be your dream celebrity to wear one of your dresses?
My dream celebrity to wear one of my wedding dresses would be Leona Lewis.
What is your ideal destination for a honeymoon?
Ideal honeymoon would be Maldives or Seychelles.
Why did you set up Dressology?
When I was getting married and was looking for a wedding dress couldn’t find anywhere what I was looking for. So I flew to Romania to buy a dress and then modified it 50% myself. So I had the dream since then to have my own shop with amazing wedding dresses.
What do you miss most about your shop being closed during the lockdown?
I miss the excitement of my brides to be when they say “yes to the dress”. I miss the excitement of receiving the new collections in. 
What’s the one thing that is surprising you the most about the lockdown and your attitude towards it?
I’m surprised how calm and thankful I am about staying home and enjoying evening I have. 
Have you discovered any new hobbies since the lockdown?
I used to cook a lot, but now I’m into desserts making. I also have time for interior design that always was my passion but never had time for it. 
What do you miss most about Romania?
What I miss most about Romania is my family, my parents, seeing my niece and nephew growing. There are lots of events that I miss because of distance. I miss the weather and the Food. 
Why did you move to Liverpool and what is your favourite thing about it?
I moved to Liverpool due to job relocation for both myself and my husband. I love how friendly Liverpool people are. 
What are you missing the most about the lockdown?
What I miss the most about the lockdown is seeing my friends and going to church. 
If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?
First place I would go after lockdown would be the airport as we had to cancel our trip to New York, Miami, Chicago and Washington this May. 
If you could only buy one item of food, what would you buy?
I would buy Cozonac. It’s a traditional Romanian cake. 
What’s your favourite film?
My favourite film is Suits.
If your life story was to be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster who would you want to play you?
I would like Sandra Bullock to play me
Do you have a message for the NHS staff and Romania’s equivalent?
I firstly want to thank them for all the effort and dedication into such hard times and assure them than any good they do in life will come back to them into even more blessings. 



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