E.S. Rigby & Sons LTD

E.S. Rigby & Sons LTD

Rigby Jewellers, in Chester, is an independent company, formed 300 years ago and comprising four family generations.  With a passion for exceptional customer service, we offer a truly impressive range of quality jewellery, clocks and watches in modern and classic designs from the most reputable designers and manufacturers.

12 Frodsham Street

t: 01244 325834
e: sales@rigbyjewellers.co.uk
w: www.rigbyjewellers.co.uk
Facebook: rigbyjewellers
Instagram: @rigbyjewellerschester


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Josephs Jewellers of Ormskirk

Josephs Jewellers of Ormskirk

Josephs Jewellers of Ormskirk offer an excellent opportunity to view an array of exquisite wedding rings created by highly skilled craftsmen from our in house studio workshop.  Beautiful rings crafted with precision and complete accuracy, using the latest CAD technology with the ability to view in real 3D colour prior to purchasing.

“First class jewellers! Nothing was too much trouble and we had our engagement rings, wedding rings and soon to be eternity rings hand made here. Fantastic quality!! The after care is second to none.  Thanks so much guys for your very warm welcome and help throughout : )”
Cheryl Lloyd

“We got our wedding rings made at Josephs and my wedding band was designed to fit perfectly around my engagement ring by Joseph. Since then I have been back for a beautiful pendant, and a one off ring that was made especially for me which contains the birthstones of my sons an husband. Every time we go the service is wonderful, I highly recommend Josephs to everyone. Thank you.”
Victoria Barnett

“I have got a few pieces of jewellery from Joseph’s- all of them absolutely beautiful!Sean and the team made me the most amazing platinum and diamond band, my beautiful pearl and diamond drop earrings and my most recent sparkling diamond studs. The service is amazing and everyone comments on my jewellery when I wear it. Definitely a place I would recommend for quality and service.”
Jo Birtwhistle

25 Burscough Street
L39 2EG

t: 01695 577 717
e: sean@josephsjewellery.co.uk
w: www.josephsjewellery.co.uk
Facebook: josephsoformskirk
Instagram: @josephsormskirk


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Luv Olivia Jewellery

Luv Olivia Jewellery

Luv Olivia is a North West based bespoke Engagement, wedding & Eternity ring service. Our concept is to provide couples with a unique experience by visiting you in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you best.
You will be expertly guided through the process and choices available so that you can be sure to choose the best design to compliment your existing rings.

Not only do we offer a unique purchasing experience but our products are of an exceptional quality and are highly competitive in price.

We also specialise in offering a bespoke CAD CAM Service, providing shaped bands to fit around your unique engagement ring.

If you and your partner would like to book a free no obligation consultation feel free to contact me.
I look forward to the opportunity of guiding you through this special purchase.

We also had a chat with Gareth, the man behind Luv Olivia to find out how he is coping with Lockdown and who he would love to see wearing his wedding rings….

1) Where did the name Luv Olivia come from?

My Daughter’s name is Olivia, my family are the most important thing to me. We are a family run business and treat clients and colleagues just like family, doing the best I can for them at this special time in their lives.

2) What advice would you give when choosing the metal for a wedding ring?

For a lady’s ring it is best to match to whatever your engagement ring metal is. If you mix metals it can affect the wear over the lifetime of your ring.

For gents the choice of metal would depend on a variety of factors, all of which are taken into account in order to ensure the most appropriate and suitable metal is chosen to suit the client.

3) Which celebrity couple would you love to wear one of your rings?

Honestly, I’m not really into celebrities but I if I had to choose it would probably be Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I respect them both as actors and admire the fact that they are still together and so clearly in love after many years of marriage, something not all those in the public eye manage to achieve!

4) Which historical couple, past or present would you love to commission one of your rings for?

This may be a little controversial but for me it would be Prince Harry and Meghan, I would have loved to have had a good chin wag with them both while helping them to choose their perfect wedding rings. I’m sure they would have had to follow several royal protocols but I imagine that Meghan would have also wanted to put her own mark on her ring so it would have been an interesting challenge! I respect very much what Harry has done for our beloved country over the years and the constant fight he has had to endure mentally, he seems very down to earth for a Royal. I also respect Megan as an actress and really enjoyed watching her in one of my favourite series Suits.

5) What is the most popular engagement ring i.e. cut of diamond?

Round brilliant for sure, as it’s a classic shape that is timeless and can be made to look both modern or classic when working with the settings. The brilliant cut of this shape allows it to be up there with the sparkliest diamonds cuts and also offering the best price point.

6) If you were getting married this weekend, which venue would you pick and why?

Personally, it would have to be somewhere outdoors, there are so many beautiful places in the North West to list. If they allowed weddings at Trentham Gardens I could imagine it would be the perfect choice, I’d have a marquee with about 35 guests including closest family and friends not like mine where we had 250 lol. I have lots of fond memories at these gardens from days out with the family and right now the gardens would be to die for.

7) If you had to hand deliver the wedding ring to any wedding destination in the world, where would it be?

Anywhere where there was snow and I could take my snowboard and get some sneaky boarding in at the same time! For me nothing beats being in the crisp fresh air of the mountains, actually where I proposed to my wife!

8) Who normally takes the longest to choose a ring – bride or groom?

Lol, do I really have to answer that!!!!!   A consultation with me lasts on average 1 ½ hrs. The bride tends to choose within around 1hour 10 mins and the gent about 20mins.

9) Do couples in different regions prefer certain ring styles?

Not especially as most wedding rings are chosen to match the engagement ring design so if you have any friends who are waiting to be asked that all important question, make sure they know this! I have 100 rings for gents to choose from and they usually pick out of the same 15 options, lol. Most men choose a subtle wedding ring whereas most women like to have something on their finger which stands out and is that little bit different, and why not?!

10) If you were hosting a dinner party, which 4 famous guests would you invite, past or present?

Keith Lemon would be hilarious and would have everyone in stitches I’m sure! Jonathan Ross never fails to amuse me so he would be a great dinner guest.

Patrick Stewart as I love everything he’s ever been in and I’d love to talk to him about his drive and aspirations.

Tony Robbins to make sure everyone is feeling as uplifted and inspired as possible!

11) What piece of jewellery would you recommend a groom to buy his wife to be on their wedding day?

A necklace to match her engagement ring diamond. My top tip would be to buy two types of chains to go around her neck, as you will not know whether your bride is wearing a short or long neckline.

12) If you weren’t doing this, what would you do?

To be honest I genuinely love my job. It took a lot of hardship and struggle to get to this point and grow my business to the point that it is today so I can’t think of anything I would rather do. I have the opportunity to meet so many friendly, welcoming, amazing couples and help them at such an amazing time in their lives by providing them with something that they will love and cherish for a lifetime. In another lifetime however, I would be a professional snowboarder, possibly with an Olympic gold medal to my name!

13) What are you missing the most about the lockdown?

Obviously interacting with and meeting clients, as well as hugs with my family and enjoying days out with my wife and kids.

11) If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the first place you would go?

The barbers first, my hair is an absolute mess and the clippers haven’t arrived yet! Secondly, I would take my kids to hug their grandparents and then invite all my friends and close family for a barbecue in the back garden.

14) If you could only buy one item of food, what would you buy?

A full block of cheese.

15) What do you use your daily outdoor allowance for?

I cycle through the local forest in the mornings, being out in nature is so good for the soul, sometimes I go alone if I need to clear my head or I go with the wife and kids.

16) Have you discovered any new hobbies/skills since being in lockdown?

I’ve set myself the challenge of building some monkey bars in the garden for the kids, although I have ordered the wrong saw 3 times already so it hasn’t quite got off to the start that I was hoping for!!!

17) How are you getting on with home schooling?

There are many funny memes doing the rounds on this, most of which are so close to the truth! I will admit to losing my rag on just a few occasions but to be honest after 3 weeks I accepted lower expectations for my teaching skills and the house is calmer once again. I tackle some of the subjects and my wife tackles the others.

18) Have you got a message for couples who are trying to plan their weddings at the moment?

Stay calm, stay positive, don’t stress, it will happen. Think practically with the head not the heart and remember what is important, which is your relationship with your chosen partner.

t: 07538 201383
e: luvoliviajewellery@gmail.com
w: www.luvoliviajewellery.co.uk
Facebook: luvolivia
Instagram: luv_olivia_jewellery



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Maddison Rocks Floral Sculpture

Maddison Rocks Floral Sculpture

Giant paper flower wall backdrop Vintage Bridal Brooch Bouquets, Bridal Flowers.

a: 47 Main Street, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2AN

e: mrfloralsculpture@aol.co.uk



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Smooch Wedding Rings

Smooch Wedding Rings

Looking for Wedding Rings? Look at Smooch.  We offer the best in home selection service; we’ll bring hundreds of samples to your home for a free, no-obligation, consultation.  We offer a lifetime guarantee and free gifts for your bridesmaids and best man even if you don’t buy from us.


Statement from Smooch HQ:

From June 1st we will be offering our wedding ring advisor services whilst following COVID19 rules as follows:

We will now be rescheduling previously arranged customer appointments from the waiting list and booking new client home visits from 1st June 2020

We will be offering 1 appointment during the daytime and 1 appointment during the evening. This will also give us time to sanitise the kit and samples in between appointments.

Initial SMOOCH Rings ZOOM meets will still offered and available in addition and prior to your home visit as convenient

Mask, gloves and hand sanitiser will be available for each couple and we will ask to wash our hands on entry to your home and leaving the property, we will also be maintaining social distance measures

If for any reason Government advice changes before we are due to visit, we will be in touch to update plans.

We will ask if you or your family have had any Covid related symptoms in the last 14 days then we will mutually rearrange your appointment.

Our 20 year Anniversary offer is available to all couples purchasing 2 rings, the less expensive ring will be 50 percent off original price !

 If you would like to book an appointment get in touch by filling in this form: https://www.smoochrings.co.uk/make-an-appointment/

t: 01895 825900
e: sales@smoochrings.co.uk
w: smoochrings.co.uk

Facebook Head Office: SmoochRings1
Facebook Merseyside: smoochmerseyside
Facebook Cheshire: smoochcheshire

Instagram: smoochweddingringsmerseyside


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Two Become One Jewellery

Two Become One Jewellery

Established in 2001, Two Become One Jewellery provides Handmade Wedding Rings made lovingly in our UK workshop.

t: 01614 28 28 20

e: alia@twobecomeonejewellery.com


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Wongs, an independent Jewellery business offering a professional service for all your jewellery needs.  Established over 30 years ago, Wongs is renowned for its unique one-off designs.  The on-site workshop, combined with the latest Computer Aided Technology, allows the production of any beautiful piece.

a: 1,3 & 4 Chicago Buildings Whitechapel, Liverpool, L1 6DS

t: 0151 236 1552

e: info@wongsjewellers.co.uk

w: www.wongsjewellers.co.uk


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