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Set on the beautiful Tarporley high street, Cheshire Bridal Boutique is an luxury, couture bridal boutique offering an exemplary service with a highly experienced team of bridal consultants.

You will find a relaxing and enjoyable environment in which you can try on their exquisite collection of bridal gowns and accessories from award-winning designers, which have been handpicked personally by the team to ooze romance, glamour and sophistication.

As we should be at Chester Racecourse for today’s Wedding Fair and you would have met the lovely team at Cheshire Bridal Boutique are … as well as seen for yourselves their beautiful dresses … we caught up with Karla to get an insight about her favourite designers and how they can help you find your dream dress.

If you could only stock one designer, regardless of cost, who would it be?
I stock all the designers I wanted but Hayley Paige is amazing so she was my first choice of designer when opening the boutique

Which designers do you stock?
We stock Hayley Paige Blush, GAIA Bridal, Amanda Wakeley and Martin Thornburg. We have a new label Aire Barcelona, the collection has been delayed due to the pandemic but it is due to arrive anytime and we are super excited at showcasing this new label, its amazing.

What price range to your dresses start at?
Our dresses range from £1200 – £4000. We have recently put a video up on Instagram chatting about price points and what you can expect.

Do you offer discounts and offers?
We usually have offers and discounts on at our trunk show. We offer flexible payment methods for our brides, we know purchasing the wedding gown can be a big expense when there is so much else to spend on for a wedding so we will assist where we can.

What size are the sample dresses in store?
Most of our dresses are a size 14 which is pretty standard for sample dresses.

How long does it take for a wedding dress to be made?
Usually around 5 – 6 months including alterations. In the current climate I would advise brides to plug for their dress and not delay in purchasing, just in case we get another spike of covid particularly over the winter months which could have an impact on the dress delivery and production.

Where are our dresses made?
Our dresses are mainly made in New York and the UK, we feel the quality reflects this.

What is your favourite style of wedding dress (it doesn’t have to be the current style)?
I adore the Amanda Wakeley designs which are a bias cut made of silk satin and crafted to trace the silhouette beautifully hugging all the curves in the right places. So sleek and chic not the usual A line, or ballgown type of gown.

If you were getting married this weekend, what venue would you pick?
Hamilton Island in Australia at the Barrier Reef

Which celebrity would you like to dress for their wedding? (past or present)
Emma Watson

Which historical person would you like to dress for their wedding? (past or present)
CoCo Channel  

What is your ideal destination for a honeymoon?
Hamilton Island in Australia or the Cook Islands

If you weren’t running a bridal shop what would your dream job be?
This is my dream job! I am a Solicitor professional and own a Law Firm so this was a change of career for me to do my dream job.

What do you miss most about your shop being closed during the lockdown?
The brides and interaction with them and the bride squad. I am quite an emotional person and every bride who has already come in will know that when they find their dress it usually reduces me to tears and this is such a great feeling to have had a part in creating the perfect day for the bride.

What are the wedding trends for 2020/2021 wedding dresses and bridesmaids? 
Minimal is the way forward for 2021 for brides but with an edge, for example open back these are so much on trend right now, simple dresses with a high split, pockets every bride loves a pocket! Dresses that can be worn for the ceremony and then adapted for a post wedding brunch. Hayley Paige is great for dresses that have additions for the ceremony and can be taken off for the night time event or post wedding brunch.

What do brides need to think of when choosing their wedding dress?
Themselves! Brides need to stay true to what they want not what they think their parents would want them to wear or their grandparents. In years to come they will look back on their dress and their big day and should feel that they still love their dress. Its also good to have their venue and theme in mind when choosing their dress, will the dress suit the theme. Consider how you feel in the dress, if you feel you do not want to take the dress off and you look amazing buy the dress, it’s the one! Don’t feel you have to keep looking for what else is out their when you have found it you have found it, even if it’s the first one you have actually tried on.

What’s the one thing that is surprising you the most about the lockdown and your attitude towards it?
I am surprised at how easy it has been to not do my usual things like going for dinner, beauty treatments etc while I have missed them sometimes it’s not as much as I thought and those things do not seem as important as they did. Its been nice having a slower pace of life and spending time with my family. I feel more grateful for everything I have and it has made me appreciate this much more.

Have you discovered any new hobbies since the lockdown?
I have been doing a lot of running. I’m usually a weights girl at the gym but have found I am loving running. I aim to do the half marathon for Alder Hey next year.

How much help and advice do you give a bride … and if they have their heart set on a dress that you wouldn’t recommend for them would you tell them?
We give as much help and advice as the bride wants. Transparacy and honesty is very important to us. If a bride looks more comfortable and suits a gown better than another we will give our opinion if we feel it will be received. If a bride truly loves a dress but we feel that they should go for a different dress whilst we will offer our opinion if the bride wants it, it is not our choice it’s the brides. Its their day, its their theme, venue and they know themselves best, its not our decision. We are their to offer help and guidance not to push a bride into a dress we want them to take regardless as to whether we think it’s a better fit.

If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?
Probably out for a nice lunch with my husband and child, it would be nice for us all to not have to cook for once.

If you had to deliver a wedding dress (all expenses paid) to any destination in the world, where would you want it to be?
Newport Beach in America

If your life story was to be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster who would you want to play you?
Reece Witherspoon

Do you have a date for your shop re-opening and do you have procedures in place for appointments that you would like brides to know about?
15th June 2020 is our official opening date. We are adhering to all the government guidance and ensuring we stick to it for the safety of our brides and ourselves. PPE will be worn and as we are a small boutique and we need to ensure we stick to social distancing we can only facilitate brides bringing one guest. We will be asking our brides to gel and wash their hands and we will be doing the same. Following the appointment we will be deep cleaning the boutique ready for the next appointment. If brides would prefer an entry and exit separately we will also facilitate this for them.

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