How will you get to your wedding venue?

You’ve booked your wedding venue but have you given much thought to how you will get to your wedding venue? 

Choosing the wedding car to take you to your ceremony is not as easy as it seems. There are very things to consider which may not immediately spring to mind but your wedding day is not the day to find these things out, such as …..

  1. The size of your dress! It would be so cool to arrive in an Aston Martin but if you are wearing a full skirted Princess dress, than it’s never going to happen, you and your dress just wouldn’t fit in the car!
  2. How slinky is your dress? If you have a tight-fitting dress then you need a car you can ‘slide’ into with ease. The Badsworth is a beautiful car and one of the most popular wedding cars of choice but it has a little step to get into it, so consider the movement of your dress and how much flexibility you have to move.
  3. Who are the vehicles for? Normally the wedding couple arrive in different cars but what about the wedding party. Is it just the bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride and if so, how many bridesmaids to you have? A Vintage bus might be the answer to comfortably fit everyone in.
  4. How do you get your guests from one venue to another?  If you are having your ceremony and wedding breakfast/reception in different venues then do you leave your guests to make their own way to each venue or to you provide a something like a big red bus.
  5. Vintage or contemporary? When you think of a wedding car, most people immediately like of the beautiful, old classics but most wedding car companies now offer a choice of contemporary cars such as a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Range Rover so be open-minded and choose the car that suits you (and your dress) the most.
  6. Availability! The wedding car company can only book out each car for one wedding per day so if you find the car of your dreams then don’t hang around, book it!!!!

 Keyhole Motors

Magnolia Classics of Southport

Regal Wedding Cars


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