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Established in 2014 by cake artist Siân Forward-Martin, That Little Cake Place creates bespoke handcrafted wedding and celebration cakes in a range of delicious flavours. Working from her home based studio located in the historic market town of Congleton, Sian offer a more personal experience from the initial design to the finished product for your special occasion.

Baking is her passion and she has a knack for understanding exactly what her clients want and has the creative talent to make their visions a reality

That Little Cake Place won her place at the Chester Wedding Fair as she entered our competiton to ‘Win a Stand’ to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Liverpool so we are delighted to have Sian onboard and you can all get to meet her in person at the ‘Real fair’ on Sunday 9th August at Chester Racecourse …. in the meantime we asked Sian all those questions you would love to ask at a wedding fair.

What is your favourite cake flavour?

It has to be Chocolate!!

What is your favourite finish for a cake ie naked, smooth ice, hand-drawn, sugar flowers, fresh flowers etc?

Tree bark effect, I absolutely love creating wedding cakes that look like wood or bark. I love dressing them with hand made sugar flowers.

What has been your favourite design so far you have been commissioned to do?

The 4 tier tree bark wedding cake with burnt orange roses and trailing ivy. 

Which celebrity couple would you love to make a cake for? past or present

I think it would be incredible and an honour to be asked to make a cake especially if it were from a member of the Royal family.

Which historical couple would you love to make a cake for? past or present

Queen Victoria and all her children, imagine all the commissions 

How do you transport the cakes to the venues … and was stops them falling over?

My husband usually drives, I hold my breath all the way, a good structure and dowelling stops them from falling over.

How long does it take to ice a cake – shortest time to longest?

I cover all my cakes in fondant and one cake can take about an hour.

Is there a limit to how many orders you can take for a particular date?

I only take on one wedding cake on that particular date. 

You make cakes for all occasions, which is your favourite occasion to bake a cake for?

It’s very difficult as I love both wedding and celebration cakes especially kids cakes, their faces when you deliver a cake, it’s priceless.

What is the biggest tier cake you have made?

A 5 tier wedding cake covered in sugar flowers.

If you were getting married this weekend, which venue would you pick?

There are so many beautiful venues and so many I’ve had the privilege of delivering cakes to but I do love Peckforton Castle, it’s absolutely stunning.

If you asked to delivery a cake to a wedding destination anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New York! How it would get there I have no idea 

If you could only make one flavour of cake forever more, what would it be?


If you could only buy one item of food during lockdown for yourself, what would it be?


What are you missing most about lockdown?

Travelling, holidays, visiting my parents, socialising with my friends and my running buddies.

Other than visiting family and friends, where is the one place you would like to visit once Lockdown is completely over?


How can brides and grooms get in touch with you during Lockdown?

They can contact me via Instagram, Facebook and my website

Are you offering Zoom consultations and sending out samples etc?

I was sending out cake samples by post, then I set up That Little Cake-Away and lots of my couples have been ordering these treat boxes, they are very popular!

Top tip for couples for choosing the cake and when to book it?

Make sure you do your research. 

Look at examples of their work, taste their cake, it’s not much good if it looks beautiful but tastes awful. Trust your cake maker and build up a good relationship.

To find out more information or to contact Sian and her team, click HERE.



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