Keyhole Motors

Keyhole Motors

What would you do if you were a wedding photographer and couldn’t get the right car for the perfect shot?

Buy your own car. That’s what Keyhole Studios did.

Over the past ten years Keyhole Studios have been involved in hundreds of weddings, photographing and filming them. The next step for them was to look at creating a brand new service, one that would provide wedding cars in a way that was flexible, fair and above all put the client first. With their experience within the automotive industry via their parent company Keyhole Productions, combined with the years working on weddings they conceived Keyhole Motors.

Their short film, Keyhole Motors – A little bit of our history, is an insight into the type of work they have covered in the automotive industry. Covering car launches, test days and auto sport events as well as attending some of the most prestigious events in the automotive calendar. Clients include the likes of Inchcape, Perry’s motors, Infinity, Renault and many more.

Their fleet of cars include both vintage and modern styles, as no wedding is ever the same. Deciding on two stunning vintage style cars with the Badsworth Landaulette and Daimler SD420 and then opted for a BMW 7 series and Aston Martin DB9 for those who wanted luxury and style in a modern design.

The Badsworth Landaulette, which is a 3 seater bridal car based on a 1920s Ford Model A is the perfect bridal car. To match this stunning vehicle they purchased The Daimler DS420. Seating up to 7 passengers this is a fantastic option for bridesmaids.

A modern BMW 7 series was selected as an alternative to the vintage cars, but also priced at a point whereby the car can be booked as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle.

The Aston Martin DB9 was purchased with the Groom in mind, offering him the opportunity to arrive in style and in plenty of time.

Keyhole Motors currently have a special offer on the Badsworth Landaulette and Daimler DS420 when purchased together. If your getting married during May to September you can hire both cars together for £500.00. This includes a bottle of champagne included with the Badsworth Landaulette for bride and groom. If your wedding is during October to March the hire cost is £450.00 for both cars. For more information go to or email at info@keyholemotors

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