Looking for the a venue with a bit of feeling, look no further than the Racquet Club.

After taking over the ownership of The Racquet Club back in 2001, a massive refurbishment was undertaken and one floor was opend in 
April 2003 for 18th birthday celebration. The rest of the venue was off limits while the refurb continued until everything finally opened fully in May 2003, with with the bedrooms opening in July 2003.  Since then the Racquet Club has established itself as one of classical wedding venues in Liverpool, steeped in history and situated perfectly next to St Nicholas Church with their beautiful gardens for stunning wedding photography…. so if you are looking for the a venue with a bit of feeling, look no further then The Racquet Club!
We asked Sue Clement-Evans who she would love to see getting married at the Racquet Club, her favourite time of year for weddings and how she is coping with the Lockdown.

1) What celebrity couple would you like to get married at The Racquet Club?
I’m rubbish with celebrities – but maybe someone from a Band – like – the Script or Take That!!
2) What historical couple – past or present would you like to get married at The Racquet Club
I am completely rubbish at this type of question as well – but maybe Hayley and Roy from Coronation Street.
3) If you were getting married this weekend (and The Racquet Club and your other venue was fully booked), what venue would you pick?
I would like to get married in the Zoo – Rhinos are my fav!
4) If you could only have one dish at your wedding, what would it be?
I am a massive fan of pâté!
5) What is your favourite time of year for a wedding?
Christmas weddings are winners!
6) The Racquet Club is situated near to the River Mersey, if you could move it to any other river in the world, where would it be?
Would very much like to be on river which has fab views of boats going up and down, and maybe have a cool waterfall thrown in too – not sure where this would be!
7) If you could have one designer item (regardless of cost), what would it be? 
Would love an Ice Sculpture!!
8) What’s the funniest thing that has happened during a ceremony?
The ring bearer decided not to stay around and walked to the back of the ceremony – it was a dog!
9) What is your favourite drink?
Archers and Lemonade 
10) What’s the latest a bride has turned up for the wedding?
2.5 hours after the ceremony was due!
11) Do you have a friendly ghostly resident and have you ever seen it?
Yes – and yes – in the event spaces x!
12) How long have your worked at The Racquet Club?
16 years – been here since we opened!!
13) If you weren’t working in the hotel/hospitality industry, what would you like to do?
Work in Education or Charity Sectors
14) What do you love the most about working at The Racquet Club?
The people, the place, the fact we are a small team and everyone is there for each other.
15) What are you missing the most about the lockdown?
Feeling like I am useful – helping people to have a fab day. 
16) If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?
Garden Centre!!  (probs not too safe to visit family as they are a little old! – so would not want to put at risk !)
17) If you could only buy one item of food for yourself, what would you buy?
I am a pâté/cheese or cake girl!
18) What you using your daily outdoor allowance for?
Walking my dogs – but loving the garden too!
19) Have you discovered any new hobbies/skills since being in lockdown?
Just really loving my garden.
20) Have you got a message for the NHS?
Thank you – stay safe – amazing people !
The Racquet Club would have been exhibiting at the fair today but they will also be exhibiting at the Summer Fair 15th July and at The North West Wedding Show in September but in the meantime, get in touch with Sue at info@racquetclub.org.uk to make an appointment to view this beautiful building once it reopens after Lockdown … and who knows, you might even get to meet their friendly resident Ghost!

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