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You can win £500 towards the perfect wedding film package with Love Gets Sweeter. All you have to do is answer the following – Which wedding venue did Charlene from Love Gets Sweeter and her husband get married at in 2009?

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I got married to my gorgeous Husband, Lee, back in August 2009 at the beautiful Hillbark Hotel. We also had that ‘do we/ don’t we’ debate over video…or rather, I wanted it and he didn’t (and yes, that’s quite common too)! I hadn’t actually researched wedding videos as it was more the fact I could get my professional cameraman friends to film the day and we’ll figure out what to do with it after! My old boss had made one once and I quite liked the idea so thought ‘why not?’ I think when you grow up making mini movies when you’re young (I recently found some of me dancing with friends in my garden) and you just love everything about film it’s hard to not want to have such a special occasion captured! Turns out Lee was worried about having camera’s following him round like Peter Andre and making him feel uncomfortable! He needn’t have worried as the guys did a great job at getting him relaxed in front of the camera (you only have to see our out takes so see what I mean We even had guests saying that they’d not realised they were being filmed until they saw the final film!
After the wedding I locked myself away with all the tapes and some of our favourite tracks and came out a couple of days later with what I felt was the perfect way to relive our wedding day-don’t worry, I did sleep….and cried quite a lot! I was a little nervous to see what Lee thought as he hadn’t been keen about the whole idea but he loved watching it, over and over, and seeing something new each time-although not so happy that they’d caught his tears as he saw me walk down the aisle! My favourite shot of course)! It took quite a while after that to complete a longer version (that we now call a ‘Feature Film’) and get the DVD built with numerous extras including outtakes, speeches, ceremony and first dance. I felt immensely proud the day I got to show it off. We had two screenings, one for family and one for friends, and it had everyone in tears as it really brought back all the emotions from the day. The outtakes and messages had everyone in tears due to laughing so hard, I even recall Lee rolling around on the floor at one point! You can see our Highlights film on our ‘About Us’ page (
Fast forward to Christmas and Lee had bought me something extra special. It was a website, but not just any website, one named after our First Dance ‘Love Gets Sweeter’! He said he was so proud of what I’d done with our own wedding film that he felt I should try doing the same for other couples! But where do I start?!! Well, my film had had so much interest in YAYW that I actually had a few Brides to be asking me to film their day and so, before I knew it I had 6 bookings all over the U.K (Manchester, Aviemore, Somerset, Staffordshire…) and quickly realised how much I loved filmed and editing weddings! In March 2010 I got to film my very first wedding-and what a wedding it was!
I think having been through all the emotions of my own day I could react to all the possible scenarios that could happen on someone elses day. I even found myself helping with button holes in the morning! I really did feel privileged to have been chosen to capture Emma and Daniel’s wedding and got to work on producing their perfect wedding DVD. Having spent the day with someone and watching them so closely you do get a good idea of what they are like as a couple and I aim to reflect their styles and personalities in my films. With this being such a intimate and personal day and Emma and Daniel being quite a shy couple I needed a track to reflect them and the feelings from the day. Using suggestions from the lovely couple we finally produced this, my first ‘official’ wedding film… I still love this film to this day and the couple have been kind enough to share some lovely words –
We have just received our photos this week – there are some lovely ones but none that really blew us away. When Daniel looked at them, he said how glad he was that we had you to film the wedding. We cannot thank you enough for all your time and work, were are so grateful and will love watching the videos in years to come – something I already do on a regular basis! You have captured so many details that we didn’t notice at the time!
Thank you again for everything!
Since then I have had the pleasure to film so many incredible weddings and no two weddings have been the same, but I think that’s why our films are proving to be popular as each film is completely unique to the couple. I like to make sure I am putting as much love in to these films as I did my own and it’s not uncommon to find me shedding a tear reliving a ceremony or laughing out loud when trying to edit the speeches!
I now do this full time and I love every minute. I found I just couldn’t dedicate as much time as I liked when I was working around another full time job and a well timed redundancy (if ever there was one) made me take the leap and run Love Gets Sweeter full time. I’m told my passion for wedding films is what shines through in my work and it will hopefully take the company from strength to strength. I have learnt a lot since I started and still learn new things every day-including the epic task of tax returns-and I quite enjoy the challenges running a business brings. Managing my own business is a massive learning curve in itself and I’m glad all the time and effort I am putting in to it is starting to pay off. I am still as obsessed with weddings, may as much as I was when I started planning my own wedding-just ask my friends and wonderful Husband! I love hearing all my couples plans for their big day and it gets me excited for the road ahead. Building that relationship with the couple, understanding their day and their own passions helps me to create a beautiful wedding film that is a true reflection of their personalities and their wedding day… I do love my job 

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