Meet Giles from the award-winning D’vine Caterers

What do George Michael, Boris Johnson and Philip Schofield have in common with D’vine Catering … find out when we had a chat with the man behind the award-winning catering company, D’vine Catering.
What celebrity couple would you like to provide catering for?
We are very lucky to have catered for some celebrities already, if i had my say it would be Dolly Parton and her husband!!!
If you were hosting a Dinner Party, which 4 famous people would you invite – past or present?
George Michael, Boris Johnson, Philip Schofield and Freddie Mercury
What is your favourite dish you have ever served?
One of my favourite dishes to serve is: Lamp rump, mini shepherd’s pie, celeriac mashed potato, heritage carrots and red currant jus. A really wholesome dish with so much flavour.
If you were getting married this weekend, what venue would you pick?
I think if I was to do it all again I would choose somewhere really rustic and choose one of our informal sharing menus for everyone to enjoy.
What is your favourite venue to work with, with regards to facilities you need?
Hard question for us as we work at so many stunning and totally unique venues.
If a couple booked you to provide your catering services abroad, which country would you like it to be?
South America
What is your favourite food to cook – ie canapés, wedding breakfast or evening buffet?
Definitely the wedding breakfast – there are so many ways that this can be done to suit the style of the venue and wedding theme.  We love adapting and creating new menus and working with our couples to ensure they have exactly what suits their day no matter how different their request is!

What is the most amount of covers you have served at one wedding?
What is your favourite spice?
Favourite spice – ginger or turmeric , both really versatile, flavoursome and also have some great health benefits.
If you could only use one main ingredient to base your main course, what would it be?
Lancashire potatoes – the lancashire soil gives them a distinctive flavour and they go with just about anything!
What is the strangest dish you have ever been asked to cook/serve?
I don’t really think we have had a strange request!
What is your favourite season for vegetables?
Spring! You can’t bet spring veg!
How and why did you start your business?
D’vine was started and we realised very quickly after opening a retail outlet that we were getting an increasing number of requests for outside catering.  We enjoy this and wanted to focus on it.
If you weren’t doing this, what would you do?
Travelling the world and experiencing different cuisines – I love travelling and food, maybe I could write a book on my experiences?!! 
What are you missing the most about the lockdown?
Our weddings and our lovely couples 🙁 so many brides have had to postpone and we would normally be in full wedding swing now.  But we are looking forward to catering for them at a later date.
If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?
On holiday – we had one planned when all of this started.
If you could only buy one item of food for yourself, what would you buy?
I actually can’t live without our toffee popcorn cheesecake, so it would have to be the ingredients for this!
What you using your daily outdoor allowance for?
Walking, myself and my wife Victoria live fairly close to the beach so we can get a really nice walk in, we are so lucky.
Have you discovered any new hobbies/skills since being in lockdown?
I am getting better at gardening!
Have you got a message for the NHS?
If only a message was enough! All I can say is thank you – you are totally selfless and what you are doing during this time is just wonderful.
D’vine Catering cater for all types of occasions, budgets and size. Always innoviative, using the finest local ingredients, they are now offering a delivery service of their delicious meals during the current Lockdown, D’vine at Home. So if you are fed up trying to be the next MasterChef or you are down to the dregs in your cupboards, then give D’vine a call  … and you will be in for a treat!


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