Dramatic, vibrant and full of love … meet the photographer team behind these stunning photos.

Kevin & Carole are a Husband and Wife photography team. Their pictures are fun and vibrant and combine contemporary and traditional shots that will give you a truly stunning memento of your wedding day.

Based in Southport, their passion for what they do shows in every photo, capturing the emotions, feelings and the love shared by all involved on the big day. You only have one chance to capture your pictures on the day and the photographs they provide will help you relive that wonderful day again and again.

We had a chat with Kevin to find out how he is dealing with Lockdown and what his favourite venue is to photograph.

What is your style of photographer?

Capturing the whole day we like to get a lot of the details and as many special moments as possible without forgetting some nice formal shots and family groups.

Do you prefer black or white?

Difficult, we love lots of rich colours but we are very drawn to the Hollywood feel of B & W.

Which celebrity couple would you love to photograph?

All our Brides & Grooms are celebrities to us.

Which historical couple, past or present would you love to be the wedding photographer for?

Lawrence Olivier & Vivien Leigh

What is your favourite wedding venue to photograph?

The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey.

If you were getting married this weekend, which venue would you pick and why?

City Hall, New York, just love New York we are renewing our wedding vows there next year.

Do you prefer inside or outside wedding photos?

Depends on the venue, some venues are stunning inside. Inside or out we aim to get great images of our couples with the emphasis on showing the venue they have chosen.

You are based in Southport, which is a seaside resort. If you could move to any other seaside resort, where would it be?

Carmel, California.

On average how long does the editing take?

Three to four days.

Who is the most difficult person to deal with at weddings – in general?

Ourselves as we are perfectionists.

Where was your favourite destination wedding abroad?

Brittany, France.

Have you ever covered a wedding where the bride and groom weren’t speaking?

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you do?
What are you missing the most about the lockdown?
Other than family, meeting people.
If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?

Have all the family around for a meal.

If you could only buy one item of food, what would you buy?


What is the best meal you have ever had covering a wedding? Or do you take your own food?

We had a fabulous beef dinner with other suppliers and were waited on at Drapers Hall in the City of London but as a rule we don’t ask our couples to cater for us, we bring our own.

What’s the latest a bride has been to arrive at the church/venue?

Half an hour.

What you use your daily outdoor allowance for?

Walking the dog.

Have you discovered any new hobbies/skills since being in lockdown?
Have you got a message for couples who are trying to plan their weddings at the moment?
Keep positive, keep excited, be flexible and call us
You can meet Kevin and Carole when lockdown is over and we open our doors the our Summer Wedding Fairs but in the meantime, get in touch so you can be added to their Appointment List at kevin@kevinbrownphotography.co.uk

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