Meet Sarah from This Is Me Bridal

The lovely team from The Wedding Rooms Formby moved to sunny Southport last year and rebranded their bridal shop ‘This Is Me Bridal‘. The family bridal shop make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through their door and their cheerful smiles will make you feel like one of the family.

We caught up with Sarah to find out how she is coping with Lockdown and who her dream celebrity would be to walk into her shop.

If you could only stock one designer, regardless of cost, who would it be?
​It would still be Ladybird, I love all the collections of their brand and the customer service is second to non. I feel like we have made a new friend with Richard who is the agent for the UK.

If you were getting married this weekend, what colour would your bridesmaids be wearing?
I wouldn’t change from the black and ivory theme I had nearly 13 years ago. When I look back at my wedding photographs it still looks classic.

What is your favourite style of wedding dress (it doesn’t have to be the current style)?
Honestly, I do love a ballgown, I just feel personally that this depicts a wedding dress. When you draw your wedding dress as a child it’s always a ballgown.

If you were getting married this weekend, what venue would you pick?
I would still choose Formby Hall, we had the best day ever. The staff were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble. It was ideal for all of our family and friends to get to and our photographs on the course are beautiful.

Which celebrity would you like to dress for their wedding? (past or present)
Billie Eilish, she is down to earth, there are no sides to her, what you see is what you get.

Which historical person would you like to dress for their wedding? (past or present)
Princess Diane she was a real people person, and seek happiness from helping others.

What is your ideal destination for a honeymoon?
It would still have to be Las Vegas, me and my hubby Gav has the most amazing time. We stayed at the MGM which was brilliant during the day around the pool and the lazy river and then we had the benefit of watching all the shows etc of an evening.

If you weren’t running a bridal shop what would your dream job be?
I absolutely love our shop, the brand, the staff and the brides. The only other job I would fancy doing is either a carer or a social worker. I love helping people, even if it’s just an ear to listen.

What do you miss most about your shop being closed during the lockdown?
The atmosphere, the interaction with brides and making them so happy when they find the one. This experience is definitely up there, it makes you feel on top of the world when you help a bride find her dress. 

This Is Me Bridal is located in the seaside town of Southport, if you could move the shop to any other seaside resort, anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Oh difficult, there are so many lovely seaside resorts here in the U.K. never mind abroad but I’d have to say I wouldn’t move it. Southport has always been apart of my life, when I was younger my mum and dad used to take us to Southport on a weekend to get an ice cream and we’d play on the beach when it was sunny. I met Gav at Southport college and we have now been together for 20 years. I suppose it has a special little place in my heart.

What are you using your daily outdoor allowance for?
To get out of the house, some fresh air with our two children Chloe and Charlie and our dog Betty. We live in Banks just outside of Southport, there are some really lovely walks on our door step.

What’s the one thing that is surprising you the most about the lockdown and your attitude towards it?
I am completely surprised by my kids, they have taken it on the chin and just getting on with it. I thought to be honest they would be moaning constantly they were bored but they haven’t. They have literally entertained each other which is also surprising because as they have gotten a bit older they usually don’t spend so much time together.

Have you discovered any new hobbies since the lockdown?
No, I have been busy painting the fences, decking and shed in the garden and now that is done I’m now starting painting on the inside.

What are you missing the most about the lockdown?
I’m of course missing the shop and the people but I miss my Mum, my brothers and my Grandma. I speak to them every day in the phone but it’s not the same.

If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, where is the the first place you would go?
To see my mum, miss her so much.

If you could only buy one item of food, what would you buy?

What’s your favourite film?
I love all films with Denzel Washington in.

If your life story was to be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster who would you want to play you?
Sandra Bullock

Do you have a message for the NHS staff?
Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude to them, not only them but all the key workers. Think they are all doing an amazing job under very difficult circumstances.

Sarah xxx

This Is Me Bridal shop is currently closed due to the lockdown but they do have a waiting list of appointments for when the shop reopens, so make sure you contact to make sure you get your appointment as early as possible.

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