Reasons why you should visit a wedding show

Until you are engaged to be married, the chances are you won’t have even heard of a wedding show or a wedding fair. But as soon as the ring is on your finger you will be bombarded with questions such as where, when, church or venue, colours, themes, bridesmaids etc – it is an extremely exciting time but can also be a little daunting and a tad stressful.

We often compare it to walking into work on a Monday morning and your Boss telling you the company is having the biggest party they have ever had and they want you to organise every aspect of it, all by yourself.  They then give you a budget and tell you to get on with it.  

In this situation, the majority of us would freak out and thoughts such as why do they think I can do this, I can’t do this, where do I start, what do I do next, how much does everything cost, which companies can help me, who can I trust will run through your head at supersonic speeds and would probably stay with you until the party itself. In reality, your Boss wouldn’t ask just one person to organise the party so why is it that when you get engaged everyone expects you to do this very thing and expects it to be perfect?!

We personally greet everyone who visits our fairs and shows and we see the reactions of brides and grooms from total excitement, to fairly chilled and laid back to ‘rabbit in the headlights’ where they don’t know what to do or where to start.

So here is why you need to visit a wedding show ……

  1. A wedding show is an event, organised by a wedding show organiser such as Bliss Wedding Shows, that bring together a group of wedding specialists, in one place and under one roof.The internet is packed full of companies claiming to be the best of what they do but how do you know who to trust and how do you know the companies you book, will deliver what they promise? A professional wedding show organiser, will do this for you. They will only take a booking for a company they trust, they check to ensure it is a legitimate company and do the initial groundwork for you so by the time you arrive at the wedding show, you know the companies you are speaking to are reputable and professional companies.
  2. A wedding fair is normally held in a hotel or wedding venue and will normally between 30 – 50 exhibitors, displayed on table-top style stands.A wedding show, such as The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show, is held in a large exhibition space like the Exhibition Centre Liverpool and has over 150 companies with purpose-built pop-up shops.If you travelled to and visited each company individually, it would take approx 25 weekends and just imagine how much that would cost you in petrol and transport costs!
  3. The exhibitors are there to meet you, show you what they can do for you and help you make decisions.  They want to work for you, they want you to book them and they are expecting your questions….straight away this takes away the pressure of cold calling a company or walking into a shop and explaining why you are there and will hopefully put you more at ease.
  4. You can get a feel of the company by the way they have displayed their stands. Their stands are like the front window of a shop and just like you would enter a shop if you liked their window display, you can tell by looking at their stand whether their products/services are what you are looking for and whether they would be a good fit you for.
  5. You can try, buy, book, hire at the show or you can make an appointment to visit their shop but as the exhibitors are hoping for your business just as much as you are hoping you will find what you are looking for, they will often offer special promotions that are exclusive to that show/fair – which you wouldn’t be able to get afterwards – saving you time and money!
  6. Secure the date! Many companies can only offer their services for one date at a time, a photography can’t be in two places at the same time so if you have your heart set on a particular photographer, then the wedding show is the perfect place to check dates and availability and book with them there and then.
  7. Meet the companies face-to-face. Finding a bargain on the website is a great feeling but actually meeting the people behind the company face-to-face will reassure you that they will deliver what they promise. Everyone has heard of the horror stories of finding an absolute bargain of a dress online, only for it to arrive to find it has been manufactured badly and actually looks nothing like the dress you ordered. This is the same for everything from chair covers, mens suits, flowers and cake – how can you order a cake online without tasting it first, where is the fun in that!
  8. Wedding shows and fairs are a place where the exhibitors can showcase their latest products and services. These companies are often so busy preparing their next order that they haven’t got time to update their website or social media pages so their website might so you the latest offering.
  9. Exhibitors are the specialists in what they do.  They have tons of ideas and if you are struggling with finding the perfect wedding ring to match your engagement ring, the jewellers will be able to design this for you. Stationery companies can bring you theme to life with ideas for the wedding invites, cake companies can find a cake recipe to meet any special diet requirements and venue dressers will be able to turn any venue into a magical wonderland for your wedding day.
  10. A wedding show or wedding fair gives you options. It’s a place packed full of inspiration and ideas. It makes you think outside the box and problems you thought you had can all be sorted when you talk to exhibitors because this is what they do, they plan weddings all year round to fit all budgets, all types of weddings and for all types of personalities. They are the experts and they are at the show, waiting and wanting to meet you and help you turn your dream day into a reality.

So, the best advice we can give you is visit as many shows are you can. Take the opportunity to chat with each exhibitor and make the most of the special promotions on offer. Take your time and don’t be rushed into making a decision, a reputable company will respect it is a big decision to make and will give you room to make a commitment, without pressuring you to do so.

And most of all, enjoy this time! 

We know wedding shows are on hold at the moment during Lockdown but they will be soon up and running again, so use this time to do your research. Most wedding organisers have a really good Wedding Directory page, the companies on these pages are the ones that the Organisers are happy to work with, they are professional and reputable companies so use these as your base for starting your research and when the the doors open to the Wedidng Fairs again, you will be abel to meet the face-to-face once again.

Our forthcoming shows are:

Chester Racecourse 7th June 2020
Bliss Hotel Southport 15th July 2020
St George’s Hall Liverpool 26th July 2020
Liverpool Town Hall 16th August 2020

The North West Wedding Show, Exhibition Centre Liverpool, 26 – 27 September 2020



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