First Dance, are you ready?

We’re delighted Turbo Dance are joining us at this Sunday’s Chester and North Wales Wedding Show at Chester Racecourse. Turbo Dance are asking ‘First Dance, are you ready?’ and offer a unique service to assist couples with their first dance, as its one of the first big things you will do as a married couple. Some would like to have a dance routine – to really impress their guests – while others would like something that looks good, but is simple to learn and perform.

Here’s some top tips from dance coach Mario:

•         Start learning your dance as early as possible

•         Give yourself time to practice so it is automatic on the day

•         Simplicity can often be more powerful than complexity

•         Learn and practice in clothes similar to those you will wear on the day

•         Make sure the venue has enough room for your routine

•         Practice some more

•         Relax and enjoy it

Mario explained:

“Traditionally the first dance is a slow waltz, but there are many other possibilities such as a romantic rumba or sophisticated foxtrot, or even a more upbeat dance or a fusion of different styles. We can help you choose music that fits the sort of wedding dance you want and expresses the sentiments you want it to convey. Be warned that a song may have the right sentiment but might have problems for dancing such as inappropriate tempo or variable tempos. We can sometimes find ways to get around these problems but it is best to start with a tune that can be danced to easily.”

For more information, please visit the Turbo Dance website.


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