The Interview, with Fellici’s Ice Cream Carts

Ice Cream, at a wedding? Well why not indeed, we spoke to Susan Gibson of Fellici’s Ice Cream Carts to find out more. Here’s The Interview:

Can you tell us how Fellici’s Ice Cream Carts came to be? 

“I took early retirement from a government department during the period of the national cutbacks. Having sat and watched daytime TV for a few months I decided I couldn’t take much more of the Jeremy Kyle Show and the idea of providing ice cream packages to private events was born. There were several ‘stop me and buy one’ bikes about, I wanted something different. Our carts are all handmade and our latest addition the Trike was made and imported from Italy last year, it is proving a very popular addition to our fleet.”

Ice Cream

Have you worked for many weddings and it is just during Summer months?

“We have worked at many weddings in lots of venues across the North West. Obviously we are much busier during Spring and Summer, but there are many ice cream aholics out there who will eat our ice cream at any time of the year. The beauty of our carts is that they can be set up inside or outside depending on the time of year and our great British weather.”

What’s your most popular flavour or request?

“Last year’s most popular flavour which was chosen by about 99% of our brides was Ferrero Rocher. This year it’s the two cheesecake flavours that are proving most popular, lemon and black cherry.”

I imagine eating ice cream takes people back to their childhood, have you ever noticed a change in people’s behaviour when everyone’s eating ice cream?

“The great thing about this job is you are going to events that are celebrations, everyone is happy and delicious ice cream put a smile on everyone’s face! Our biggest smiles come when guests see the personalised wafers that can be included as part of the package, I think they must be the most photographed item at every wedding.”

Will you be serving ice cream at the forthcoming wedding show at Chester Racecourse and can you tell us what flavours yet?

“I will be providing free ice cream samples at the show, I haven’t yet decided on the flavours but if anyone has any requests?”

Suggestions on our Facebook page please, we can’t wait to see Felliccis at Chester Race Course next Sunday 8th May – let’s hope the weather is more suitable to eating ice cream – actually, who cares!

To see Fellici’s in action click here.


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