Weddings on a budget

We all know that weddings can be expensive, and we’re all searching for ways we can keep costs down but when you want to make your wedding a day that everyone will remember, you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t possible on a budget.

But you really can go all out and impress without breaking the bank – here, we’ll show you 4 ways you can do this!

The food

The food is an important part of any wedding, and there’s nothing wrong with a sit down meal or a buffet for your evening guests to feast upon. But if your worried that the finger food won’t live up to your expectations, then why not change it up a bit? Consider hiring Hog Roast Machinesto provide a feast for all the senses!

If you think the party is winding down a little then why not wake everyone up with some coffee ice cream shots? Fresh chocolate chip cookiesor a fully loaded ice cream or nacho bar? You’ll be the hero of the hour, especially if the alcohol is starting to hit the guests that have been celebrating with you all day. Providing different food stationsthroughout the venue is also a great way for everyone to eat something they enjoy, and they get to mingle instead of being stuck at the same table.

Get them to their seats with a sip

Instead of everyone filtering into the venue and searching for their place card on each table, have your guests assigned to their table with a glass of something bubbly and a helpful table number and seat placement on the glass. Everyone will be seated and ready to toast you and your partner in one simple step!

Lounge areas

A wedding day is a long day. For both you and your guests. When it gets to later on in the evening, (or early in the afternoon for your older guests) feet might begin to ache and those preened and primed outfits might be getting a little uncomfortable.

Yes, people can head back to their tables, but if you want to add a touch of comfort and style to your big day then consider creating some luxe lounging areas where guests can mingle when they’re taking a break from dancing. Comfy couches and sofas, squashy cushions, chairs and lots of pillows – your guests will love it.

Balloon/lantern release alternatives

Many couples opt for balloon or lantern releasing on their big day, it’s special and it makes a statement, but releasing balloons is actually harmful to the environment and wild animals, so here are some eye popping alternatives that are kinder to the environment but will still wow your guests.

  • If your venue is in a personal place or is permitted then consider planting a tree to remember the big day
  • Release bubbles instead! Your younger guests will love this idea, and everyone can get involved.
  • Release butterflies or doves instead. But only from a registered professional!

Image: Keyhole Studios

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